Updates to the program:
2005-01-21: fixed the "solve-to" method where it wouldn't work if the centers from cube A
            were rotated with respect to the centers from cube B
            fixed bug in picture-cube center solving code (:()
2004-04-28: added ability to solve to a specified position
            fixed small bug where center rotations would not be passed correctly to the solver
2003-12-26: huge cleanups and generalizations...
2003-12-05: made prototype 4x4x4 solver (still EXTREME beta)
2003-10-31: v.435 Converted entire header to class module (lots to rewrite),
            temporarily closed source (email me if you want it).
            cgi version: utilized the new CenterRotate option in the html template.
            fixed minor innerText problem in mixer.htm (WHY DOESN'T NETSCAPE/MOZILLA SUPPORT innerText??)
2003-09-26: v.430 Added option for center parity correction (e.g., for pictured cubes),
            Even more improved redundancy filter (now Concise() is now pretty darn concise)
            Made improvements to Cube array for storage of side rotations
            (will be important for 4x4x4 solver)
            Made more liberal and verbose input error checking.
            Made an easily pipable general solver.  (Could be used for other GUIs)
            Switched to MinGW when under Win32.
2003-06-06: v.414 finally made the solver compile alright on linux!
            Added text or graphical output option, fixed bug -
            Colors could be switched if SolveCube() returns a cubelet error.
            Added fully-implemented customizable colors, and graphical input screen!
            Improved redundancy filter and made some new designs to cube class.
            (preparing for the 4x4x4 solver, in the works)
2003-02-14: v.398 After 6 months of use, first bug is found (and fixed)
            Center Parity problem can cause solver to enter endless loop on top layer
2003-02-12: Started SourceForge & FreshMeat accounts, traffic goes crazy
2003-01-25: Ported to C++, and Released Source
2002-11-19: Nice graphical, expandable output added
2002-09-14: v.376 First final-version finished
2002-08-01: Finished working SolveCube() prototype