Cubex - Rubik's Cube Solver
(c) 2003 by Eric Dietz
Note: Not affiliated with the Rubik's Cube Trademark.
Released under the GNU General Public License.
Current Version: v.505 (2005-01-23)

This program has evolved from a CGI Web-Based Rubik's Cube solver, to a general pipable command-line solver, for use with other programs.
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Updates to the program:
2005-01-21: fixed the "solve-to" method where it wouldn't work if the centers from cube A
            were rotated with respect to the centers from cube B
            fixed bug in picture-cube center solving code (:()
full list of changes
To do:
 - may implement Kociemba's method on the 3x3x3 solver for shorter solutions...
   - note: my solver uses a human method so that it could be used to help a human learn
     the solution for his/herself.  Group-theory based solutions are great... for
Known issues:
 - swapping two adjacent centers can cause an "incorrect cubelets" error instead of the
   proper "center parity" error...
   This is caused because the general interpolation table is built from the center colors,
   so after interpolation, not all of the correct cubelets could be found... altering
   this behavior is rather difficult for now...
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